Here are information resources that were mentioned during the webinar. 

Webinar recording

Monetized Installment Sale Calculator

Legal Basis page, with:


  • IRS ruling

  • SEC filings of public companies that have done monetized installment sales

  • Federal bankruptcy case which used a monetized installment sale

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Monetized Installment Sales Compared to 1031 Exchange


A 1031 exchange is not the only way to defer capital gains tax when you want to replace one real estate investment with another. A Monetized Installment Sale can be used to accomplish the same outcome, whether as a backup plan or your primary alternative. Because of the strict 1031 exchange rules and deadlines, a monetized installment sale can be a faster, safer and cheaper alternative, by far.

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  • 1031 exchanges can cost you much more than you expect, possibly even more than the amount of tax you defer.

  • 1031 exchanges expose you to substantial unnecessary risks.

  • 1031 exchanges prevent you from taking advantage of significant new tax benefits enabled by the 2017 Tax Reform and Jobs Act, a potentially huge hidden cost.

  • A monetized installment sale lets you defer capital gains tax for up to 30 years and provides cash at closing. You can take your time seeking a replacement property, eliminating any worries about 1031 exchange rules and deadlines. It can be a far better option for replacing real estate, tax-deferred.

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