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Prior to co-founding Deferred Capital Gain, Ken served as Director of Business Development with Bedford Cost Segregation, a nationwide provider of strategic tax services for the commercial real estate industry. He was responsible for educating accountants and real estate owners about income tax deferral strategies and managing the marketing, sales and distribution of Bedford's services to clients throughout California.


Ken began his career in the mortgage banking industry working for a small banker in Buffalo, NY, which was purchased by a publicly traded New York City based mortgage banker. Upon the purchase Ken became the senior vice president of wholesale lending which was a new division for the company.  In 2003 he was relocated to the bay area to open operations on the west coast.  With the mortgage crisis of 2007 came change and Ken was introduced to cost the segregation industry.  

He has a Bachelors Degree in Urban Planning from SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Jeff worked side by side with Ken at Bedford Cost Segregation, beginning in 2014. He shared marketing and sales management duties in Northern California, working with CPA firms, developers and real estate owners to assist them in obtaining the tax advantages afforded by cost segregation.

Sadly, Jeff passed away in May 2021. He succumbed to a heart attack during his swimming workout. 

Jeff's experience was an invaluable asset to the company both in its formation and its day-to-day operations. His boyish smile and easygoing demeanor, will be missed.